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Automatic circuit reclosers are recognized by electric utilities throughout the world as an essential device for achieving their prime goal: providing maximum continuity of electric service to their customers simply and economically. Reclosers sense and interrupt fault currents and automatically restore service after momentary outage. Need help understanding the fundamentals of reclosers? Read now. Go to 6H, V6H three-phase reclosers. Go to D, DV single-phase reclosers. D, DV single-phase reclosers.

E, 4E, H, 4H, L single-phase reclosers. Go to Form 4D recloser control. Form 4D recloser control. Go to Form 6 recloser control.

Form 6 recloser control. Go to NOVA three-phase recloser. NOVA three-phase recloser. SPEAR single-phase recloser and control. Go to VSA three-phase recloser. VSA three-phase recloser. Go to VSO three-phase recloser. VSO three-phase recloser. We provide sustainable solutions that help our customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power — more safely, more efficiently and more reliably. We have approximately 97, employees. Popular links. Let's talk big ideas View all social media.ABB's website uses cookies.

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Quickly find an ABB channel partner. Learn more I agree. Navigate Search Share layouts-flyoutmenu-cart. Search Search now. Login to myABB There was a problem with your request. Rate this page General impression. Positive Negative. Your cart Learn more about shopping on ABB. MV outdoor vacuum reclosers.

Single and three phase reclosers up to 38 kV, 16 kA and A for outdoor pole mount or substation installation. Reclosers are predominantly located on the distribution feeder, though as the continuous and interrupting current ratings increase, they are seen in substations, where traditionally a circuit breaker would be located.

Reclosers have two basic functions on the distribution system: reliability and overcurrent protection. ABB reclosers have over 15 years of proven field performance incorporating innovative technology and unique ABB expertise, including embedded sensors with the highest accuracy and least environmental sensitivity in the market. And with multiple controller options, ABB reclosers are designed to continually meet and exceed the growing demands of power distribution.

MV outdoor vacuum reclosers

Why ABB? Are you looking for support or purchase information? Contact us.The operating mechanism uses a permanent magnetic actuator that guarantees maintenance-free operation.

The vacuum interrupters for arc quenching ensure high reliability. The bushings are made of epoxy with silicone rubber housing. The Recloser tank and control cubicle are made of stainless steel, which have strong endurance against hot, humid, dusty, or corrosive environment.

Q-class DC Circuit Breaker. Consent to collection and use of personal information 1. Purpose of collecting and using personal information Personal information collected is used only for the purpose of consultation application, and can not be read without the person concerned. Items of personal information you want to collect In accordance with Article 15 of the Personal Information Protection Act, we collect information that requires your consent to collect and use personal information.

The following items are collected by purpose of collection and use. I agree to the contents of the Privacy Policy Guide. Send Close. Overhead Line. Magnetic Actuator.

Installation Environment. Other Technical Features. Electrical ratings Description Rated maximum voltage [kV] Reference project.Designed for New Zealand conditions, these stainless steel cabinets are outdoor ready.

Recloser - How to Operate

Simple to use and operator friendly, they have numerous safety features and offer ultra-low maintenance and low cost of ownership. They are environmentally friendly and result in network reliability improvements. The It is light with vertically installed bushings, clamp connection instead of wire junction for increased reliability, uses transformer installation bracket instead of needing own bracket for easy installation, and is easy to maintain.

The ETMFC with the microprocessor-based digital control technology is designed to provide protective coordination and fault clearance of distribution systems for the continuous best quality of electric service.

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It provides Protection, Control, and Monitoring functions with both local and remote operation. It has not only the improvements of existing functions, but also many additional functions compared to the old version. EPR complies with the international standard specifications and ratings.

Vacuum interrupter is installed in HCEP Housing and magnetic actuator is encapsulated in stainless steel enclosure. ETRR with microprocessor-based digital control technology is designed to provide protective coordination and fault clearance of distribution systems for continuous best quality of electrical service. The ETRR provides protection, control, and monitoring functions with both local and remote options. Intellectual Protection Relay for Switchgear.

Selectable application by use of protection functions. Dual communication with protocol of DNP 3. Electricity Metering. Meter Data Acquisition. Monitoring Systems. Meter Reading. Parking Enforcement. Power Distribution and Control. Utility Water Equipment.

Water Meter Testing. Meter Services Test Lab.

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entec recloser

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MV outdoor vacuum reclosers

The ZX switch combines solid cycloaliphatic-epoxy vacuum interrupters with a reliable, lightweight operating mechanism that utilizes a magnetic actuator to provide a lifetime of trouble- free operation. The solid polymer system does not rely on a gaseous, liquid, or foam dielectric.

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Switch operations are programmed in an electronic control with accurate characteristics and a host of advanced features. When system requirements change, program settings are easily altered with no sacrifice of accuracy or consistency.

Main Parameters:. Rated maximum voltage Ur. Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage Up. Power frequency insulation level withstand test voltage one minute dry Ud.

Rated symmetrical interrupting current Isc. Rated asymmetrical making current rms. Mechanical life operating cycles. Permissible short-circuit operations.

Protect Functions:. If you have any enquiry about quotation or cooperation, please feel free to email us at info pomanique. Our sales representative will contact you within 24 hours.

entec recloser

Thank you for your interest in our products. China Tel: Fax: Email: info pomanique. ZX Recloser. Main Parameters: Rated maximum voltage Ur kV ZW32 Vacuum Circuit Breaker. RTS load breaker. SF6 Load Breaker. Vacuum Load Breaker.

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More information. Technical Support:Otree. Rated continuous current Ir. Rated peak making current. Ambient temperature range. Please make sure your E-mail address is correct otherwise the recipient will not be able to reply. Please make sure your Business Phone is correct otherwise the recipient will not be able to reply. Google Yahoo! America England French.We are experts in installation, commissioning and service, specialising in hazardous area environments. By delivering our expertise, our experience and our range of products we help our clients achieve and maintain compliance with regulatory requirementsand assurance that their risk management requirements are met.

Our in-house manufacturing operation builds control panels, switchboards, mobile plant rooms and dosing systems. Our instrumentation service technicians work within our IANZ accredited quality management system. We offer rapid and complete service and rental options, and a turnkey installation, commissioning and service scope for fixed-point gas detection requirements.

entec recloser

Rotating Equipment: We are distributors for Innio Waukesha gas engines and Ariel compressors for applications such as gas compression, power generation and cogeneration from natural gas, biogas and landfill gas. We employ a large team of specialist rotating equipment technicians to carry out preventative maintenance and breakdown repair on a range of equipment. Our mission: To be the benchmark provider of technical solutions to our customers.

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We will achieve this with our technical expertise, the calibre and character of our people, the reliability of the brands we represent, and our attention to quality and safety. We encourage team excellence, personal growth and continual improvement as we strive to deliver our best. Our highly skilled staff take utmost pride in their work and have gained a reputation for integrity and going the extra mile for our customers.

We value the contribution of all of our people. Entec provides equipment, installation, commissioning, service and instrumentation, electrical and mechanical maintenance solutions for the following types of equipment and applications….

As a well-established service provider operating in the oil and gas industry, Entec has a very robust OHSMS in place, and a healthy and engaged workplace safety culture. This has been recognised with superb audit results carried out in recent years by independent pre-qualification agencies Impac Prequal and ISNetworld, and in frequent audits conducted by various clients.

We specialise in designing, building, installing, commissioning and maintaining instrumentation systems, especially for hazardous areas in heavy industry. Angular positioners and pyrometers too. Entec is an IANZ accredited calibration provider. We partner with world-leading manufacturers.

Product and service solutions for every gas detection application. Turnkey solutions for fixed gas detection.The ACR includes a core balance transformer for detection of extremely low directional earth faults. Stainless steel down pole cabinet with protection relay for auto recloser. The ACR includes high precision resistive voltage dividers for exact line voltage measurement.

The ACR series of Automatic Circuit Recloser is clearly the most advanced and safe product of its kind on today's market. It can be operated manually via push buttons and a rotate switch. Recloser controls are the front line of the distribution power system, often located on feeders or in distribution substations. Recloser controls supply the intelligence to the network and handle the network protection and in many cases even the RTU functionality.

The protection relay senses the faults, assists the vacuum circuit breaker module in an autrecloser set-up to clear the fault on the line. The cabinet contains all necessary components for local and remote control of the device. The VX4 series of Automatic Circuit Recloser is clearly the most advanced and safe product of its kind on today's market. The VX series of Substation vacuum circuit breaker is one of the most advanced and safe product of its kind on today's market.

It is intended to be used in transformer substations and switching points. The VX circuit breaker can be configured with vacuum interrupter in the range from to A.

The VX are available with phase distance:, and mm. The VX are available with phase distance:and mm. It can be configured with or without current transformers. The OVX series of outdoor vacuum circuit breakers is clearly the most modern and safe product of its kind on today's market. It is the vacuum interrupter switch in the well known ACR - Auto recloser bundle. EOA series of motor operator is intended to be used in air break switch applications in electrical distribution networks and for electrical trams and rail networks.

The device is designed for manual and automatic remote control of air break switches. The motor operator is simple to install and has all the necessary electronics and control panel built in. EOA series of motor operator is intended to be used in air break switch applications in electrical distribution networks.


The device is designed for manual and remote control of air break switches. The device is designed for automatic sectionalising and for manual remote control of air break switches.

entec recloser

EOA series of motor operator is intended to be used in air break switch applications in electrical distribution substations.

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